Photo printing

Wide format, Large prints

We offer large format photo printing that is in most cases printed on thicker paper than you might get at the local drug or department stores 1 hour photo center. Our color consistancy is always dependable.

If modeling is your thing, your agency and auditions will require your headshots and comp cards to be at least an 8"x10". With Subculture Art you can print them one at a time or order them in bulk.

We can print all large photo sizes with our digital printing.


Large format photo pricing is based off of our gloss paper which is priced at $6.00 a sq ft. We can make you at any size that you like.

Size Price
8"x10" $3.30 each
9"x12" $4.50 each
11"x14" $6.42 each
12"x12" $6.00 each
12"x18" $9.00 each
16"x20" $13.32 each
18"x24" $18.00 each
20"x30" $25.02 each
24"x36" $36.00 each
30"x40" $49.98 each